‘The Voice’ season 2 is all set to kick off on February 5, 2012 immediately after the Super Bowl. The coaches have posed for a Rolling Stone cover, after high ratings, hype and promotions.

The cover features Christine Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. But it looks like the cameras had just caught them having fun on the sets as they have all posed in a random way.

This is what the coaches believe in to be natural and genuine and is far better than the scripted arguments between Simon Cowell and L.A Reid on X Factor. Aguilera is the only female in the bunch and is also the first thing that one will be noticing on the cover.

All the judges on the cover are seen dressed in black with Cee Lo having a chuckle, Christina playing with Levine and Blake. The cover addresses the rapport of the four people from different genres, worlds and lifestyles. The story has also revealed that Shelton and Levine attended Aguilera’s bday bash in Hollywood. Green could not attend the party as he was out of town. Levine while talking about Shelton said that though he is a major star in his genre, is the subject of ‘hick’ jokes.

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