Mary Forsberg Weiland lady of the frontman of some of the world famous bands like Stone Temple Pilots and former Vevet revolver has written a new book called “Fall To Pieces”: A Memoir Of Drugs, Rock ‘N’ Roll, And Mental Illness”


The book released on November 10th 2009.

In “Fall To Pieces”, Mary Forsberg Weiland talks about,

A childhood full of depression, instability, early addictive tendencies an overdoses of drugs.
Getting introduced with Scott Weiland, an aspiring musician before, at age 16.
The 4th of July party at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house in Malibu.
Hermany calls to Dave Navarro ex Red hot chilli peppers and member of JANE’S ADDICTION, who most of the times knew where  Scott Weiland was.
Scott Weiland marriage proposal which led to Mary’s seventh rehab stay.

The “Weiland Wardrobe Bonfire” a three day headline in Burbank, CA in the year 2007 that led to Mary’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and then her successful treatment, and a new life of health and hope for the future

When asked about the incident now, she  says:

“I unraveled. I don’t know all the answers to what happened that day I just remember my true self watched helplessly as I fell into deep mania. Writing about it certainly helped me answer a few questions… but not all.”'
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