Being the biggest fan of black metal fan alive I feel cursed when I have absolutely no Indian black metal releases to look forward to. Expecting a release is a little to much I am asking for as there aren’t any black metal acts around. Barring a few who try there is not much of an impact, not much of a following. I wouldn’t mind a less black metal following but a couple of tight acts could very well complete the circle.

Enter 1833 AD. A Delhi-band which doesn’t just claim to play black metal but justifies the genre. They are like hair on a just-shaved surface. Please laugh ! First heard their track Silver about an year back. Wanted more but there was no news.

1833 AD having been around since 2004 haven’t made it big and I personally feel the only reason being their relatively low presence on the gigging scene as their music kicks ass. Consisting of 4 members with Nishant ‘i love my neighbours’ Abraham on vocals/guitars, Rahul on guitars, Sushmit on bass and Shashank on the throne, 1833 AD is just what a sucker for melodic black metal like me wanted.

Influenced heavily by Norwegian black metal I did not require any other reason to atleast check them out. After all, I have been dependent on Norwegian metal for almost everything, more on that some other time.

This 4-teaser they came out with includes tracks from their upcoming full-length My Dark Symphony. What do I infer from these tracks – black metal in their distinctive style, and it doesn’t take the charm away one bit, whether it is the dark but intensely melodic guitar riffs or the orgasmic drumming, and the neat bass-work. Did I not mention the vocals ? – something you have not come across before. Unique. What Nishant is possessed by to produce such rasped vocals is still unknown. They do not borrow their music from their influences and yet are inspired. Hear them and you’ll know why.

Out of the 4 tracks, the most recent one Inheritance Evil is without doubt their best till date and My Dark Symphony is going to get 1833 AD its due. Recording wise I see complete justice being done. For an Indian metal band their sound is one of the best I have come across.

This release is going to be important for the country’s black metal scene as it has to start somewhere. From the capital city, so be it.

If you are into black metal you have to check out 1833 AD without any expectations (obviously) and you are up for a big pleasant surprise.

Moral – It takes just 4 Indians to create black metal.

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