British rock band Rolling Stones is struggling to sell its $600 seats. In today’s economy it is tough to spend $600 just to watch 70-year-old musicians and feed the family at the same time. The same lesson is being learnt by the band of late.

rolling stones

Today’s show at the Staple’s Centre might go sold out, but it is not due to the fact that people have bought the $600 tickets. The issue was not noticed, until blogger Bob Lefsetz noted that many of the $600 seats were still remaining just hours before the gig.

Gary Bongiovanni, from Pollstar magazine said, “To anyone not working in investment banking, these are extremely expensive tickets”. Reports say that the band was forced to release more $85 tickets as the cheaper options had sold out.

The band does expect that the tickets should be sold out and are also very pleased with the current status of the tickets sales for all the upcoming shows. If the Stones drop their exorbitantly high ticket prices, it is possible that the would actually be able to attract a much younger audience. The veteran musicians still travel around the world playing their brand of music, gathering success that is miles ahead of their competition.'
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