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lynrd about us has a team of dedicated reporters who go out of their way to get the latest scoop in the world of music just for you.

Calvin Dean – Chief Editor
Calvin has been in a band for over 7 years, and has performed at small gigs across the world. Being a musician, he loves to keep in touch with the latest news in the world of music. A total rock-metal fan, you’ll never see him at a hip-hop show, though he appreciates the hip-hop lifestyle. A true rocker, he has over 15 guitars and dreams of starting a common platform for budding artists.

J.D – Senior Editor
This British-born guitarist joined hands with Calvin after the two met at a gig in London. Their passion for music, gave birth to – a place where music fans get the latest buzz of pure music and not just gossip.

Anita – Writer
She has a flare for music and writing and that’s evident in her reviews of gigs and album launches. An avid music critic, her dream is to get more people hooked on to this ‘thing’ called music.

Beverley – Writer/Photographer
This 21-year-old is like a livewire who refuses to settle for anything else besides hard facts. A well-known face at every gig, she goes out of her way to interview musicians, and cover the latest gigs in town. She’s a huge fan of “Garbage”, “Metallica” and “Amy Lee”. We call her our “Goth writer”.