AC/DC Bassist Cliff Williams Has Quit After 4 Decades Of Awesomeness

It seems to be the tail-end of a rocking era for rock n roll fans. Those of the biggest stars from the 70s and 80s who gave us some of the most epic music we could ever year are one-by-one deciding to throw in the towel and give up what was a legendary career. The latest in the growing line of retiring rockstars comes Australian rock band, AC/DC’s bassist, Cliff Williams.

At a concert, the 66-year-old took his final bow, after being raved about by long-term bandmate, Angus Young and new frontman for the band, Axl Rose. After pumping up the crowd with their hit single For Those About To Rock (We Salute You), they brought Cliff to the front. Cliff in turn just said: “It’s just my time, I’m happy I just need family time, just chill out and not do this.” It makes sense, considering that the band has been touring for decades now, with album after hit album coming, the latest being Rock Or Bust.


Cliff has been a part of AC/DC for nearly 4 decades

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Cliff is not the first bandmate to quit the band. Earlier in the year vocalist Brian Johnson called for his retirement, after a few months of speculation about his future with the band. He was diagnosed with a ear problem that would have rendered him totally deaf in one year if he continued on the path he was currently on. After auditions went on, they finally settled on Guns N Roses frontman, Axl Rose to fill the void. Many AC/DC fans were obviously disappointed, as those who are fans in the industry are not fans of the ageing rocker and his past antics.

AC/DC doesn’t look like it’s going to stop rocking anytime soon. Though no reports have yet surfaced about who will take over William’s place, we really do hope that it is someone as epic as the legend himself. We wish Cliff the happiest retired life with his family and hope he changes his mind and gets back to the stage soon!

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