American singer and song writer Adam Lambert has once again initiated and reminded everyone about his efforts he is putting on his upcoming album ‘Trespassing’. The singer recently revealed the full track listing for the album along with more snippets including ‘Never Close Your Eyes’, ‘Naked Love’ and ‘Cuckoo’.

Lambert was earlier about to release the album on March 20, but then pushed the date to May 15. The singer has ropes in a few A-list singers for collaborations which includes Nile Rogers, Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars.

With the collaborators lined up its is surely going to be worth the wait. After releasing the first single ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ the singer has been teasing some of the other songs from the album. Moreover the singer has also released a few remixes of the single with dance beats and are likely more representative of the actual album and the original track. Here is the entire tracklisting of the upcoming album.

‘Trespassing’ Track Listing
1. ‘Trespassing’
2. ‘Cuckoo’
3. ‘Shady’
4. ‘Never Close Our Eyes’
5. ‘Kickin’ In’
6. ‘Naked Love’
7. ‘Pop That Lock’
8. ‘Better Than I Know Myself’
9. ‘Broken English’
10. ‘Underneath’
11. ‘Chokehold’
12. ‘Outlaws of Love’
13. ‘Runnin’’
14. ‘Take Back’
15. ‘Nirvana’'
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