British singer Adele is now all set to unveil a brand new record, which will be the follow up to her popular album ’21’. There are reports that say that the album will be released by the middle of 2014 on a priority basis. This also means that Adele’s labelmate Susan Boyle’s album has been put on hold.


Media reports state that Boyle has already started recording her fifth album, which will be inspired by Jazz. Columbia – Sony have decided to alter the release plans for the album in order to prioritise the next release from Adele. Sources from the industry said that Adele and Susan have done incredibly well and are very important artists.

Susan is still a major hit maker and there are high hopes for her next album, but Adele will still remain the priority. There have been differences of opinion on the issue as some people from Susan’s camp say that the album reshuffling is not a good sign, but the bosses of the label were quick to assure that Susan has an incredibly bright future.

At present, Adele is in a recording studio in London and is busy in lockdown mode for the next few weeks. Four tracks have been written and the singer is now laying down the preliminary vocals.'
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