Adele Turns Down Offer To Sing At Which Big Event?!

Adele is the reigning queen of the charts. If you need more proof, this will clear your doubts – she sold over 3 million copies of her latest album 25 in the first week of its release. It’s no wonder then, that she is one of the most in-demand singers for live performances. Her breathtaking voice is part of the entertainment that literally none of her contemporaries can get a hold of. Even though her performance at this year’s Oscars was a disaster (kind of), you can’t blame her, as there was a serious problem with the audio.

Though Adele is very much British and brings up her own family across the Atlantic, it seems that the United States wants more of her, more than they already got. One of the biggest national events that captivates the American audience every year, young and old, of every race and economic standing, has to be the Super Bowl. And guess what? The sponsors for next year’s event, Pepsi, apparently contacted Adele and asked her to be the star performer during their Halftime show. And yes, the classy lady that she is, refused.


Adele is always a class act

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Why? “So, first of all, I’d like to tell you, I’m not doing the Super Bowl. Well, come on…that show is not about music. And I don’t dance or anything like that. So they were very kind; they did ask me but I did say no. I’m sorry. I know I’m not Beyoncé.” Very polite, indeed. She knows her boundaries, and she stuck to it. That’s what makes Adele, well, Adele.

It makes sense for her to turn down such a show. As she rightly said, the Super Bowl isn’t about music, really. Also, past performances, especially this year’s, saw the likes of Beyoncé’s politically aroused troupe, Bruno Mars and Coldplay – with an awkward Chris Martin – have a colourful halftime together. Somehow, a class-apart act like Adele just won’t fit in. She may even look like a sellout, picking a popular event to turn the attention to herself.

Continue to do you, Adele!

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