‘Hometown Glory’ singer Adele recorded her blockbuster number for Skyfall in just ten minutes at a studio, as claimed by producer Paul Epworth. Epworth praised the singer for her phenomenal performance on the track, her versatile voice, controlled technique and ‘old soul’.

Adele was born in 1988 recently made it to the Forbes under 30 rich list along with Lil Wayne and Rihanna.

The track for Skyfall has been recently nominated for the Golden Globe Awards 2013 and also placed in the Oscars long-list for Best Original Song. The shortlisted nominations also include four tracks from the upcoming movie Django Unchained, directed by Tarantino; ‘Baddest Man Alive’ by the Black keys and Mumford & Son’s ‘Learn me Right’ from Brave.

Katy Perry is also on the list with her song ‘Wide Awake’, from her film Part of Me, so is Norah Jones and Liz Phair with their respective ‘Everybody Needs A Best Friend’ and ‘Dotted Line’. ‘Abraham’s Daughter’ from the Hunger Games by Arcade Fire are also joined by the track ‘Dull Tool’ from ‘This Is Forty’ by Fiona Apple and Karen O’s ‘Strange Love’ from Freankenweenie are the other tracks tipped for the Oscar nomination.

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