American singer Alicia Keys who is known to be independent and does her own thing. But now the singer has asked help with her campaign for ‘A New Day’. Initially it was thought that it was ‘New Day’ but later Alicia clarified that it was actually ‘A New Day’.

Keys will be launching an interactive Instagram campaign for a special video for the new track. Inspiring pictures can be submitted by the fans to the Instagram using the hashtag “#AKNewDay.” Later Keys will be selecting her favourite shots to use in the ‘New Day’ music video.

The singer even posted a video while gushing about the project. Keys spoke from the studio, “I released the song ‘A New Day’ and I couldn’t wait to see what your replies were on Twitter and Facebook, so I’ve been on there all day”. Keys added, “Your positivity, your zone, just the way you’re feelin’ me is so crazy and exciting! This is what I’ve been building towards.”

The excitement of the singer is clear from the video. Keys while talking about the track said that she loves it as it is all about new beginnings and fresh perspectives and is also about removing anything from your life which hold you back.'
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