American pop musician Austin Mahone has released his new single, titled ‘Banga Banga’. The latest single will be part of his upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in 2014. ‘Banga Banga’ has more of a hip-hop feel, compared to his previous work which included gentle songs like ‘Say Something’ and ‘What About Love’.


The new song seems like it was created by a team of producers and after they finished with work, they brought Mahone to the studio vocal booth to sing it. It is a bouncy track and it clearly seems like Mahone spent a lot of time listening to Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne for inspiration. Austin was also considered to be the next Justin Bieber as the ‘Baby’ singer entered adulthood and left his teens to admire Mahone.

However, the latest song is a clear shift from one side to another for the singer. It cannot be said that it is a PG-rated teen pop and cannot be rated as R either. The single has more of an edge, the one which the listeners are not expecting. The chorus of the song says, “banga banga banga banga” so it can be either hated or loved by listeners.

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