Lynrd: Canadian rock star Avril Lavigne uttered the ‘F’ word on stage during her performance at the 2011 MuchMusic Awards. The ‘Complicated’ singer, who is popular in her native land,  had performed her single ‘What The Hell’.

Avril Much Music 2011

The singer was cheered by her fans off the stage, who were jumping and singing along with her from the crowd. The producer had earlier posted a disclaimer that as the show is live, anything can happen on the show, which includes things that may be offensive to some people.

However, this is not the first time that the singer delivered obscene words. Avril had also blurted out certain words at a baseball game earlier this month.

The lyrics of the single ‘What The Hell’ are indeed crazy and so the singer thought of having some fun by adding the ‘F’ word. Though using the ‘F’ word in public is a taboo, the singer did not care and decided to have fun on the stage. Reports suggest that many people were not too impressed by Avril’s use of profanity and have even complained to the broadcasting network about it.

Avril was in a full rock star mood and had dressed in leather leggings with some intense make up and jewel encrusted microphone and mic stand. Most of the time the singer has been accused for lacking a stage presence , but this time Avril truly rocked. Things seem to be looking up for the newly divorced Lavingne.'
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