American rapper and songwriter B.o.B has announced some good news for his fans. The rapper announced that he will be releasing his upcoming album ‘Strange Clouds’ on March 13 , 2011. The singer officially announced the release date on his Twitter account.

On the day of New Year, the singer also Tweeted, “It’s 2012 now, 3 stripes, 6 strings.” Till now no one knows what that means but it definitely has something to do with penchant for strumming the guitar in recent times.

The latest single of the rapper ‘Play The Guitar’, also features the rapper Andre 3000 , who has now become popular on the radio. In the year 2011 B.o.B was quite busy as he was not only busy in promoting his upcoming album but also got in to the remix of Katy Perry’s current single The One That Got Away’.

B.o.B also then dropped a few videos of the singles like ‘Strange Clouds’ and ‘Epic’. The rapper has opened that the upcoming album should be equally successful like that of his debut album ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’. Till now the track list of the album is yet to be released but it is expected to be out in the next few weeks.'
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