Lynrd: American rapper and singer B.o.B has joined in American pop singer Kesha for the remix of her latest single ‘Blow’. The single is a hit track from her album Cannibal.


The track starts with a minute long rap by B.o.B, after which the sensuous track of Kesha slowly enters. B.o.B raps ‘Just walked in, shades on my face. Eyes on my kicks, lights in my face. Speakers gon blow, speakers got bass. Bottles on ice, haters gon hate. Bobby don’t care, bobby so straight. Bobby from the hood so bobby don’t play.’

The song then slowly picks up the party theme and this is when B.o.B again raps, ‘Night starts out at the ATM. It probably wont end till 8am.’ And then Kesha enters in to say ‘We are taking over’.

However, the problem with the track is that it does not seem like a remix at all. There are hardly any elements of a remix. The track is just like a same old song with some sections of rap added to it. May be the fans must have expected a little different track, when it is termed as a remix. The expectations increase, when a track like ‘Blow’, has a lot of scope to be improved.'
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