Lynrd: American hip hop trio, the Beasty Boys have struck again with their latest video ‘Make Some Noise’. The video features, Danny McBride, Elijah Wood and Seth Rogen. The actors in the video are seen wearing costumes identical to the ‘Fight for Your Right’ video.


The video features the three band members breaking in to a convenience store and enjoying some stolen
beer. The boys in the video enter from a white cloud, with a track of the Beasties hit from the year 1986.

The beginning of the video shows the McBride, Rogen and Wood in a rowdy behavior. And when the song ‘Make Some Noise’ begins, the actors appear one by one in front of the camera, while they attempt to lip sync the lyrics.

As the video progresses, it also shows Ted Danson, who is an owner of a restaurant in the video, which is destroyed by the Beastie Boys. The video also features Will Ferrell, who plays the cowbell, who is a limo driver with a gold tooth. The unusual part of the video is that the video initially features the fake beasties, played by Jack Black, Ferell and John Reilly. The track ‘Make Some Noise’ is a part of the band’s latest album ‘Hot Sauce Committee’.'
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