Popular American musician, singer and songwriter Beck is returning to the spotlight with a brand new album – titled ‘Morning Phase – which is set to be released on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. The ‘Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime’ singer alludes to a dawning in almost every track on the album, which takes place somewhere between sleep and waking life.

Morning Phase

The ‘Where It’s At’ singer’s new album has the atmosphere of a dream and the majority of songs are sang in a distanced and hazy voice. Beck’s loyal fans will be able to find some similarities between his latest release and ‘Sea Change’, the record he made 12 years ago. Both albums talk about a serious breakup and use Neil Young as an inspiration. David Campbell – the singer’s father and master arranger – collaborated with him on ‘Morning Phase’.

‘Morning Phase’ – Beck’s first album in more than five years – focuses even more on its diffuse sound than ‘Sea Change’ and has its own melodies. Songs such as ‘Country Down’ or ‘Say Goodbye’ depict clear references to Neil Young and feature a banjo and pedal steel. Meanwhile, Nick Drake appears as an influence on other tracks, including ‘Turn Away’ and ‘Heart Is a Drum’, which feature the hard acoustic guitar.

Beck’s new album – combined with ‘Sea Change’ – creates a complete picture of heartbreak as an unavoidable part of the love cycle.

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