BEHEMOTH’s Nergal Releases Debut Track From Me And The Man

BEHEMOTH is known to be a death metal band with darkened lyrics. They are known for their Satanic themes and dress like a bunch of dudes ready for a sacrificial lamb. And frontman, Adam “Nergal” Darski contributes to lyrics with the darkest themes. But now he’s taking a slight detour, this time into the world of gothic folk music.

His new project, Me And The Man just released the first single from their debut album, Songs Of Love And Death. The track is called My Church Is Black and takes on a more personal journey, one that we’re yet not sure if Nergal has experienced himself, or if he’s such a good writer that he’s able to understand the sole of man, alone with himself.

In an interview with Noisey, Nergal explained –

I wrote the main theme and instinctively started singing these lyrics, it flowed organically and I embraced it. I picked the song as first single, and opening track of the record. The song is a statement. It’s a new energy, exploring new dimensions of the genre I’ve not known before… but somehow, naturally, the song built a bridge between these two worlds, the radical scene I originally came from, to this domain… full of shadows and question marks. Yet the trip is highly exciting and inspirational.

For the video, I decided to work with Olga Czyzykiewicz. She’s known for more artistic approach to her productions – it’s not direct, it’s metaphorical and metaphysical. The script tells the story of a man lost in the carnal world, searching for some sense and light on the way to enlightenment. There are relevant signs and scenes throughout. He’s there all alone, facing his demons… with the ultimate goal being to “know thyself”. The Greek maxim “GNOTIS AUTON” is the key theme.”

Songs Of Love And Death by Me And The Man will be available from March 24. It is being released by Cooking Vinyl, and you can pre-order the CD from Amazon.

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