Lynrd: After the release of their debut album, ‘Skinny Jeans and a Mic’, the New Boyz are out again and have announced their second album ‘Too Cool To Care’. Ben J, one of the members of the duo, has revealed some of the details of their upcoming album.

New Boyz

Ben J went on to reveal the making of the new record and even disclosed about the collaborations.  For their new album, the New Boyz will be collaborating with Chris Brown.

The rapper also insisted that the new album will be different from the previous one. In an interview, when Ben J was asked where did he get the name ‘Too Cool To Care’, the rapper said that his earlier album had received several criticisms for ‘You’re a Jerk’, and this was when they decided not to care about what people thought and went on to do what they liked.

Ben said that his favorite tracks in the album were ‘Active Kingz’ and ‘Black Dress’. While talking about Black Dress, the singer said that the track is specially for all those girls who have just got out of a bad relationship and need a motivation to wear a black dress that they couldn’t wear for long.'
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