Lynrd: American singer Beyonce Knowles has premiered the video of her new track ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ from her latest album ‘4’. Those who have already gone through the first two tracks of the album can say that they are entirely different from each other.


The same thing can also be said about the video of ‘Run The World’ and ‘Best Thing I Never Had’. The video of the song opens with the singer, who is seen in an elegant dressing room. Beyonce is seen in a very sexy, but elegant corset/lingerie combo. This is when the singer begins with the lyrics and conveys to her ex-lover that she would have been the best thing ever happened to him and that she does not have any more feelings left for him.

The ‘Pink Panther’ actress is then seen playing with the camera and later she is seen playing with her tiara and a veil, along with plenty of stages of getting dressed, lying on the bed. A short video is also shown in which the singer in her olden days is seen with her lover at the prom. The final shots of the video have the singer appearing in plenty of pretty dresses. The video ends with the singer looking in to the camera with satiety.

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