Lynrd: American singer and actress Beyonce made the best of the opportunity at the finale of American Idol. The singer performed her brand new song ‘1+1’ on the stage of the most popular reality series in America.


Beyonce had actually appeared twice on the stage. Earlier, the singer performed with the ladies on the stage with a few of her hits. An hour later the singer returned to the stage during the most crucial part of the show, in front of the biggest possible audience.

The singer mesmerized the audience with the romantic ballad. Beyonce appeared in a platinum silver gown and performed amidst a haze of red lights. The singer made the best atmosphere with the romantic track.

It seemed as if her husband Jay-Z was sitting in the audience, while she sang as she looked so adoringly in to the audience, while she sang the romantic ballad. Apart from her performance, the singer also said that the track is her new favorite song. The recent romantic ballad is a soft and gentle track that has the capability to make the listener fall in love. The track has brought out the best of the singer and is a part of Beyonce’s upcoming album ‘4’.'
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