American singer Beyonce is held in high regard as a respected performer the world over. The former ‘Destiny’s Child’ singer has influenced countless singers around the globe and is aware of where she stands on the world stage.

In a recent interview with GQ magazine’s US edition Beyonce said that she knows that she is a powerful personality and finds it tough to really understand how far that power goes. The ‘Single Ladies’ singer is about to make a comeback to the world of music after giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy in January 2012.

The ‘Crazy In Love’ singer went on to say that she was given a lot of creative freedom early on in her career with Destiny’s Child and that allowed her to believe in herself right from the start. She also said that she would like to set an example for young singers to take control of their own future, as it is the most logical and fair thing to do.

Beyonce also let people in on her song-writing process, saying that early on in her career she used to write the lyrics to her songs and then put them on tracks. Now however, she starts with an idea and then co-writes the tracks with other writers so that she can get her point across and add more layers to the song. Beyonce will be promoting her fifth studio album with a world tour and will headline the halftime show at the Super Bowl as well.'
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