American rapper Big Sean has announced the name of his upcoming second album. The new album will be called as ‘Hall Of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player’. The title of the album tells what the rapper ants to achieve in the rap game, the hall of fame status.

Sean recently announced to a crowd at a concert in Montreal, “We all strive to be the best. If you don’t do it to be the best I don’t why the f— you do it”. The rapper has seen plenty of success of his gold-selling album ‘Almost Famous’ and now the rapper is concentrating on building his brand and reach more people with his sophomore album.

Sean while talking to the reporters said, “I’ve been in the studio with [Kanye West] … building ideas with No I.D., even with Nas, with other people and really talking to ‘em and soaking up where their minds is at”. The rapper added, “Then taking that and applying it to what I know myself. It ain’t no choice but to be good.”

It now seems like Sean is now striving to get the hall of fame status. The rapper had on September 5, 2012 dropped his free mixtape ‘Detroit’ which Global Grind said has netted more than 1.4 million downloads and 3.3 million views on mixtape website'
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