Blink-182 Album Release Date Announced

Their last release was in 2011 for Neighborhoods, but Travis Barker, frontman for Blink-182 just announced that the band will be releasing their 11th studio album in 2016.

The band recently changed their lineup after parting ways with Tom DeLonge. Now they’ve joined forces with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba. So now Blink-182 consists of Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba.

Barker said that they have been working and writing some new stuff. He said on his official Twitter account: “Matt’s killing it. He’s fun to play with and write with.”

“The goal is to just write – we don’t put a limit on how many songs. When we feel like there’s an album ready, there’s an album ready. No pressure, no deadlines.”

In the meantime DeLonge has passed along some feels to the band, stating that he is “totally willing and interested” to rejoin the band.

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