Lynrd: American pop punk band Blink 182’s first reunion single, ‘Up All Night’, has been due for release for several years; but now the band is all set to release the single on Friday. The much awaited single will premier at 10:30 am EST at the Los Angeles rock station KROQ, 106.7 FM.

blink 182

‘Up All Night’ was first discussed by the band in the year 2009, when the band had united after four years. At that time, the recorded version of the song wasn’t much finished and so the band decided to perform the track live on tours.

The track will also be premiered at the official website of the band. The announcement of the release was made at the official Facebook page of the band.

Till now, the official release date of the untitled CD has not been disclosed. In the year 2005, Blink 182 was on a standby status after there were certain tensions reported amidst the band members. Later at the Grammy Awards in the year 2009, their reunion was announced. The band toured along with Fall Out Boy and Weezer in same year. It is also likely that the band might include ‘Night’ to the band’s set when they start their tour sponsored by Honda Civic.

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