Bob Dylan Reluctantly Accepts Nobel Prize For Literature

The certificate and medal finally belong to the man. Blues legend Bob Dylan accepted his Nobel Prize for Literature in person on Saturday, April 1. He was officially awarded a diploma as well as the famous medal that hails him as the year’s Nobel Laureate for Literature. The singer-songwriter officiated the ceremony that took place at a location near a concert he was performing for, with a few people in attendance.

Klas Ostergren, a Swiss official from the Academy told the Associated Press: “It went very well indeed.” He also described the 75-year-old awardee as a “nice, kind man.” The attendees of the ceremony were so limited, that they included only one member from Dylan’s staff and a handful of officials.

It is said that later that night, as Dylan performed a number of his classics as well as more modern tunes from his recent work, that he made no mention of his achievement that took place a few hours before. He had earlier avoided attending the Nobel ceremony that took place last year, on December 10, 2016. At the time, he claimed he had other work commitments, and doesn’t own a cell phone, so he wasn’t even aware about the news of his nomination.


Nobel Prize


Along with his prestigious award, Bob Dylan will be handed over nearly $900,000 for his Nobel Prize. However, there’s a catch. He must give a lecture pertaining to his subject (Literature), within the next six months. Reports say that he will be sending across a recorded version of his “lecture” to the Swiss Academy.

A diehard fan of Bob Dylan, Shmuel Burger, said that “You know, Dylan didn’t apply for the Nobel prize. People seem to forget that. It wasn’t a competition, he didn’t ask for it, he was bestowed it. It’s not for the giver of a gift to expect something in return”. What he means to say is that Dylan shouldn’t have to work and prove himself further for the monetary award to be handed to him – he should get it, because he’s earned it.


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