A demo of the track ‘Secret’ from the 2011 album Femme Fatale of American singer Britney Spears has recently leaked out on the internet. Britney released her come back album ‘Femme Fatale’ last year and the demo of the track comes as a surprise.

The track list of the album included some of the best of her work in late March of 2011. In recent times the demos of the album have been making its way to the internet.

Now its seems like the snippet of the song is like a welcome to the New Year 2012. A 30 seciond snippet has been leaked out which has its synth heavy with killer beats as the singer sings, ‘I’ll Be your best friend , your sex friend.’

The voice does not seem to be clear but it definitely sounds like she sings ‘sex friend’. The snippet sounds more like a sexed up one, which reminds of the time when Britney was at the height of her sexy girl powers before she got in to the marriage mess. This was the time the singer ruled the pop world and was considered as the queen of songs. This was also the time when Lady gaga was still in her teens.

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