Britney Spears: Pop Star’s Biopic ‘Britney Ever After’ Trailer Out

Don’t you just love to live your life vicariously through your favorite celebrities? One of the biggest pop stars of the ’90s was none other than Baby…One More Time singer, Britney Spear. Going from being a Mickey Mouse Club kid (actor Ryan Gosling and fellow pop star, Christina Aguilera were also a part of the famous show), to becoming a teen idol with several hits over decades of her career, there really is no stopping Miss Britney.

Somewhere in the 2000s, things weren’t going so well for the Piece Of Me hitmaker. Her famed relationship with Justin Timberlake was over, with speculation that his song, Cry Me A River was about Britney cheating on him. Soon after that, a number of failed relationships began to culminate, with the likes of aspiring rapper, Kevin Federline, with whom she shares joint custody of their two boys.

Then in 2007 after repeated public scrutiny and constant invasion by the paparazzi, Spears went into a meltdown, resulting in her shaving her head and writing 666 on her forehead. Everyone thought it was over for her, but she made a hard-won comeback, first by getting into serious shape, keeping up her legendary dance moves and belting out hit after hit. As of now, the singer is in Las Vegas, performing live shows and not showing signs of slowing down.

Her biopic, Britney Ever After, chronicles all these instances in her life, including her personal defeats and ultimate triumphs. It is unauthorized – neither Britney nor her team have given the green signal for it. Natasha Bassett plays the pop star and during the 30-second trailer, “Britney” can be heard saying: “I’m not going to say I was fine, ‘cuz I wasn’t. Everything’s just kind of this blur, you know, until you hit rock bottom.” However, she doesn’t lose sight of the one reason that keep her going, doing her thing: “I want to be strong for my fans. They’re what keeps me going.”

Britney Ever After will premier on February 18, 2017.

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