Lynrd: American singer Britney Spears has released a teaser video of her upcoming song ‘I Wanna Go’. The actual video of the song was released on 22nd June at 6 am on MTV and ET simultaneously and is expected to revive the career of the pop singer.


The singer previously released a 30 second video clip of the song to given an idea to the fans if what the they can expect from the video.

In the new music video, Britney is seen opening a can of whoop at the shutterbugs. This clearly states that the song may be all about Britney’s battles with the paparazzi. The ‘Stronger’ singer can be seen standing on a cab while she looks like the most invincible pop star in the world.

The video also shows the singer signing and running her hands on her abs. For a change, we have to admit that Spears is looking at her best, while she carries pink and black color streaks on her hair. She goes on and uses her microphone as a weapon to knock down the photographers, while she swings it and hits them. Sounds like fun to Britney’s fans.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we got the music clip just for you!'
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