Britney Spears’ Vegas Show Crosses $100 Million In Sales Tickets

The OG pop princess, Britney Spears is raking in big bucks for her live Vegas shows. Titled Britney: Piece Of Me, her resident project has been going on for months now, and still has more time to go on, but has already sold tickets worth a total of $100 million!

Britney: Piece Of Me has sold over 700,000 since its debut at the Axis at Planet Hollywood. The show is being produced by Caesars Entertainment that released this information, announcing Britney’s milestone achievement. The live show began three years ago, with the first show being on December 27, 2013. Overall, the show has made over $103,399,634 and the total number of audience members over these years has been totalled to 710, 418 and counting!

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Previously, French-Canadian singer Céline Dion had her live Vegas shows, followed by Latina pop star, Jennifer Lopez. For Britney, renovations to the venue had to take place due to her extensive performances, and extra stages and lighting had to be added. In 2014, she did a total of 58 shows at the venue, garnering more than 234,000 viewers in that year alone.

2016 saw the continuation of Britney: Piece Of Me that was Remixed & Reimagined and included live performances from songs released from her latest album, Glory. This is the last year that Britney will be performing live in Vegas. Britney: Piece Of Me has nine more shows in March and April, and another nine shows that will take place in May. The grand finale to the show will be at the Axis in Las Vegas on May 20, 2017.

Britney Spears can be considered as one of pop’s most mainstream and successful artists. Since her debut on the pop scene at the age of 17, her life has been a public circus, as portrayed in her songs about media attention, but has managed to bounce back several times in the most epic way.

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