Rock legend Bruce Springsteen is getting ready to release new music very soon, as it has just been announced that he is scheduled to debut a brand new single, titled ‘High Hopes’ on November 25, 2013. The energetic song is in fact a cover of a track by the LA-based band The Havalinas and Springsteen’s loyal fans will most likely notice that the ‘Dancing In The Dark’ singer included an earlier version on ‘Blood Brothers’, the 1996 documentary.

Bruce Springsteen to release new single High Hopes on November 25, 2013

Additionally, sources close to Springsteen claim that an even bigger release is coming up and that a new studio record could have its debut as early as January 2014, which is a fast follow-up to the ‘I’m On Fire’ singer’s chart-topping ‘Wrecking Ball’ from 2012.

The latest single ‘High Hopes’ has been performed by the E Street Band with Tom Morello, the Rage Against the Machine guitarist back in March 2013 and The Boss confirmed that they had a recording session while in Australia. The original track ‘High Hopes’ was featured on The Havalinas’ debut album, which was released back in 1990. Six years later, in 1996, a version of the song was used for the film ‘Blood Brothers’, which follows Springsteen’s reunion with the E Street Band.

The rock icon scored his 10th No. 1 record with 2012’s ‘Wrecking Ball’, which sold 506,000 copies to date.

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