The spot on American Idol judging panel is the hottest news in town as the show is currently looking for fresh faces for the next season. Reports claim that stars like Nicky Minaj, Keith Urban and Mariah Carey will not be returning to the panel of judges and the producers are looking for someone new for a revamped version of the popular show.


Reports also say that the producers of the show are eyeing to finalize a deal with Mars for the vacant spot and that Mars is a desirable candidate for all obvious reasons. The singer is super talented, extremely charismatic and is well-liked by the industry professionals and young fans. The producers are now looking to make an offer which is lucrative enough to have him on board.

The singer might be locked down for the upcoming season sooner or later. On the other hand, there were also rumours that the producers wanted to hire Kelly Clarkson, but the singer’s publicist shot down those stories and said that they were just rumours.

Whichever decision they make, the show producers need to do something to shake things up, as the season 12 ratings have gone down lower than ever. With Mars on board, producers are hopeful to add some spice to the show.

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