Lynrd: American hip hop group ‘Cali Swag District’ has released a new track ‘How To Do That’. The song has been released, to pay tribute to one of the group member, M-Bone, who unfortunately died on 15th May.

Cali Swag District

In the track, the group members, Smoove Da general, Yung and JayAre describe the best characteristics of the late rapper, while the chorus of the track says, ‘M-Booooone, show these cats how to do that’. The group in the sing had also made a reference to the night when M-Bone had lost his life.

The track narrates, ‘Then a n— did you wrong. On your way to get a blunt, you shoulda put it in a bong. M- Bone lives through me, Smoove and Yung. So when we all turnt up, he still having fun.’M-Bone lost his life due to a drive by shooting.

According to the police, the rapper was shot with two gun shots on his head. The 22 year old was found on the driver’s seat of his car in LA. M-Bone was responsible for the stardom of the of the hip hop group with the platinum dance single ‘Teach Me How to Dougie’. The group is currently working on the video of the song. The funeral services of the rapper will take place on Friday.'
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