Camila Cabello & Machine Gun Kelly Drop ‘Bad Things’ Music Video

Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly are on the run in their new music video!

The duo’s video ‘Bad Things’ from their upcoming album was released on Thursday, December 1 and shows the pair in an adventurous lifestyle. The song recently hit the Hot 100’s Top 10 and the duo are enjoying their success!

Billboard did an exclusive interview with the independent artists and we got a few juicy excerpts for you –

On what it feels like about Bad Things hitting the Top 10 on the Hot 100 –

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) – “I’m two albums into my career, but it feels like the beginning.”

Camila – “It feels like my heart is going to explode from how excited I am!”

On working together on the hit single ‘Bad Things’ –

MGK – “We were ooking for an authentic voice, not a product of Auto-Tune. Camila is a true vocalist and an amazing live performer. So as soon as she accepted, we went to work!”

On the one thing about ‘Bad Things’ that caught on so fast with the audiences –

Camila – “With this duet there are two different points of view: A point of view of innocence and a point of view of someone wild, and everybody out there can relate to one.”

The song ‘Bad Things’, matches its name. The expectation off such a title is bad events between the duo. However, the musicians end up showing the bad boy nature of Kelly and the always supportive nature of Cabello. There is also a flashback into their childhood.


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The Resident Bad Boy

“There’s something about America’s sweetheart and America’s bad boy” , MGK

Kelly features as the resident bad boy who is always in fights and racing car. This definitely invites trouble and as soon as these scenes show, the likelihood of trouble is imminent in the video. The involvement of police will not come by surprise. It is the typical rebellious life that comes into play in the video.

The vidoe ends with a police chase that’s rather unexpected!

Watch ‘Bad Things’ right here –

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