Can You Believe These Songs Are Turning 10 Years Old In 2017?

Remembering the era of colorful hair highlights and punk attire.

2017 is looking good, don’t you think? Everyone is feeling pumped for this year – what more surprises could life bring us? Well, for a good life reel, you need background music to make your shenanigans all-the-more epic, like you’re starring in your own damn movie!

We are rewinding back to a glorious time in music. A decade ago, when 2007 was the year that pop stars reigned supreme. Take a look at some of these forever hits that will be turning 10 years old in 2017. Feel freakin’ old yet?! And the best part is that you can listen to these all over again.

FYI, neither Avril Lavigne/Britney Spears/Hayley Williams/Rihanna/Beyoncé/Shakira/Gwen Stefani has aged a day since a decade.


Rihanna feat. Jay-Z

This was the track that literally catapulted Ms. Fenty to superstardom. Sure, there was her debut single, Pon De Replay that reached the top of the charts. But after a slight lull in her career with generic pop tracks, this one became an insane hit. Everyone had it as their ringtone on their Moto Razr flip phones and newly launched iPods.

The Sweet Escape

Gwen Stefani feat. Akon

Remember Akon? Where has the Smack That rapper gone? Probably lighting up Africa with his solar project. Well, Stefani has been on her own solo project this past year, launching a lukewarm album, hosting The Voice and divorcing her husband. With the release of this track though, she was in the limelight for quite a while. Her albums that featured hits like Hollaback Girl and Rich Girl were tunes we badasses were dancing away to in high school.

Crank That

Soulja Boy

This was that era where rappers were starting to shoot of random lyrics and still make big hits. Even Nelly was in the mix during this time, and let’s down forget Candy Shop thug, 50 Cent. Seriously, among all these high-flying rappers who threw cash around in their videos and got raunchy with them big booty b*tches, the only one who still has ample respect in the industry and among fans is none other than The Real Slim Shady, EMINEM. Love him.


Avril Lavigne

The Happy Endin’ Canadian pop star brought us her album The Best Damn Thing, which was the best damn thing of 2007. Girlfriend was everywhere! Whether you were punk, pop, metal, classical or any other genre, you just had to have this peppy track on your playlist. And girls everywhere were getting those tacky fake colored hair pieces to stick in their hair and strut – because that was cool! Since a decade, the Rock N Roll star has been married and separated and took time off from her stellar career to battle the debilitating Lyme Disease. Word has it that Avril Lavigne is coming out with new music in 2017. So excited.

Bleeding Love

Leona Lewis

This one has so much soul! I mean, Leona Lewis was this British pop singer who won a talent competition and then, boom! She has this number one hit that had every girl making whiny faces as they sang along and tried to copy her sultry oohs and aahs in the track. Whatever happened to her, no one knows, but this track epitomizes what 2007 was all about. We were a banging bunch back then, and knew how to bounce back with the heartbreaks. Tough love. Yes, that’s what we were dealt and always came out winners.

Shake It

Metro Station

Punk ruled in 2007! When you watch the track again a decade later, it definitely puts a smile on your face! This song was the OST of so many movies, videos and series. You’re taken right back to your angsty teen days when you had these punk bangs and weird pierces and thought you were the shizz. Whatever happened to Metro Station? Were they done when 2007 was done?

Piece Of Me

Britney Spears

It’s Britney, b*tch! Remember that time that Brit-Brit went through this horrible public meltdown? The paparazzi wouldn’t leave her alone, and then she went to rehab and shaved her head and roamed around in public, looking directionless? Many believed it was a terrible ending to a promising pop career that started when she was just 17. But then the pop princess came right back, belting hit after hit that included this one. She openly dissed the media in her tracks. And now look where life has brought her – she’s still on top, a mother of two beautiful boys and most beloved in our hearts!

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Fall Out Boy

Again, punk was the theme of 2007. What a time to be alive, to be a teenager and have access to a pair of scissors and hair dye! Fall Out Boy was our teenage crush. Pete Wentz was our dream boyfriend. This was the band that inspired so many awkward teenagers to wear their difference on their sleeve. And they got other bands to mushroom out of the ground. It’s great to see the band still going strong, despite so many personal and professional struggles.

Beautiful Liar

Shakira feat. Beyoncé

At a time when we wore punk hearts, two shimmying beauties were also at the top of the charts – Shakira was killing it with her belly dancing movies and Columbian accent and Beyoncé, well Bey has been reigning queen since her Crazy In Love days. And when the two pop icons got together for this simmering track, it was beautiful, no lie. The video was pretty hypnotic with each sexy lady gyrating and looking seductively into the camera.

Misery Business


Hayley Williams was definitely a cult fashion icon for teenagers in the 2000s. When Paramore came out with their album Riot!, people were rioting to get their hands on it. This track was such an ode to punk princesses to come out of their closets and be themselves against skanky Barbie doll types. The band has since then mellowed down, with most of them leaving and being replaced, but the blazing orange hair that the front woman wore with passion is a style that pays tribute to the awesomeness that was 2007.


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