Canadian recording artists and singer Carly Rae Jepsen recently tweeted the track listing of his upcoming album ‘Kiss’. The new album by the singer is all set to release on September 18, 2012.

The album has 16 tracks and Jepsen has shared a handwritten image which has the track listing in different fonts with cute figures. Jepsen tweeted, “So excited to reveal the track list for #Kiss!” After the 12th track, the singer drew a line, making everyone wonder if the standard edition has 12 tracks and the special edition has 16.

Till now the tracks like ‘Call Me May Be’ and ‘Good Time’ have become smash hits and one has to wait and watch for the rest of the songs to be released to know if they blow the radio and become reminders. There are a few interesting titles of the tracks and some romantic ones also. Here is the track listing of the upcoming album of CRJ.

1. ‘Tiny Little Bows’
2. This Kiss’
3. ‘Call Me Maybe’
3. ‘Curiosity’
5. ‘Good Time’
6. ‘More Than a Memory’
7. Turn Me Up’
8. ‘Hurt So Good’
9. ‘Beautiful’
10. ‘Tonight I’m Getting Over You’
11. ‘Guitar String / Wedding Ring’
12. ‘Heart Is a Muscle’
13. ‘Drive’
14. ‘Wrong Feels So Right’
15. ‘Sweetie’
16. ‘Almost Said It’'
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