Canadian singer and recording artist Carly Rae Jepsen, announced that she is almost finished her debut album. The singer revealed about her first US album while talking to the reporters and also her first release on Justin Bieber’s label.

Jepsen said, “At this point, my record is almost finished”. The singer also said that she is very close to finish and is just wrapping up the loose ends . The Canadian singer further revealed that the songs are almost there but there is still some production stuff to be done.

Jepsen also said that the debut album will hit the shelves before she hits the road for the tour with Justin Bieber this fall. The singer also said that there is someone else she is dying to work with.

Carly expressed that she loves to collaborate as it is a great way to get a new sort of song saying ‘two heads better than one’. The singer also wishes to work with Katy Perry in future some day. Carly has already released a collaboration with Owl City and announced that she will be working with LMFAO’s Reedfoo on her record. Jepson in the year 2012 signed with Interscope Records.'
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