Metal band Slayer’s bassist Tom Araya needs to undergo back surgery really soon.

Slayer and Megadeth were all set to have the biggest music tour of the new decade called the American Carnage Tour, but this emergency has led to the cancellation of quite a few international tour dates.


According to the press release, the booking agents are working around rescheduling the Carnage tour sometime later this year. This comes as a great disappointment to all Slayer and Megadeth fans but Slayer cannot go live unless Tom is all fine.

Araya is famous for known for aggressively headbanging and is known to have started experiencing back problems while on the band’s Australian/New Zealand/Japanese tour last October.

He was later diagnosed with Cervical Radiculopathy. Although he didn’t want to go in for surgery, it looks like it’s time for Araya to go in for the much needed surgery thanks to the pain and numbness.

Here’s wishing Slayer’s Tom Araya good health again!

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