American singer and rapper Cee Lo Green on February 15, 2012 announced on Twitter that he is all set to release two albums soon. Green revealed that one is a solo effort, while the other one is from his hip hop crew Goodie Mob.

The rapper Tweeted, “CEE LO GREEN IS…”EVERYBODY’S BROTHER” new album coming soon.” And then minutes later the rapper returned and Tweeted, “GOODIE MOB “AGE AGAINST THE MACHINE” new album coming soon.”

However, the singer himself wasn’t sure when the new record will hit the stores. The new albums could take a few months but the announcement from the rapper itself is great news for all the fans who are eagerly waiting to listen to the new record.

The announcement of a new album from Goodie Mob might be a great news for the Cee Lo fans like Jamar Rogers from ‘The Voice’. Rogers had expressed that he was a huge Cee Lo Fan going back to the Goodie Mob and early solo days. At the 2012 Grammy Award ceremony Green won two awards which has made a total of five in his career. The track ‘Fool For You’ from his last album ‘The Lady Killer’, won the Best Traditional R&B Performance and Best R&B song.'
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