Chance The Rapper Turns Down Major Record Label Deal

In an extremely commercial industry, it’s extremely refreshing to see an artist be true to himself and the work he does. We are talking about none other than Chance The Rapper. At the age of 23, he’s already beat the likes of Drake and Kanye West to grab the Rap Album of the Year at the 59th Grammy Awards 2017. His fame could bring him many things, but mostly it has given him a sense of gratitude and commitment to the game. And there is nothing going to slow him down.

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His album Coloring Book was released by him through his personal SoundCloud account. He has no label backing, no external money being pumped in, just his talent and the right manager backing him up. And of course, his fans, who have helped him make a career off the beaten track. He says that he earns his wage through touring and selling merchandise, and that he has even turned down major record label deals to stay independent and do his own thing.

According to a source close to the rapper, “Every label is still trying to get him. He’s making too much on his own. He was turning down $5 million advances before, and now [after his Grammys win] it’s like $10 million.”

The source also added, “He may do something with Apple, but not a label per se…He’s going to remain independent.”

Among his other fabulous achievements, he was the first independent artist to get his album at the top of the Billboard 100 charts. Everyone from Beyoncé to Roc Nation boss Jay Z, to all other top-selling artist, wants a piece of Chance.

He is currently being managed by his longtime manager, 26-year-old Patrick Corcoran who knows the mind of the rapper. Chance had even spoken to a magazine earlier on about his decision to stay true to his music and to remain as an independent artist. “If you put effort into something and you execute it properly, you don’t necessarily have to go through the traditional ways.”

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