Filipino recording artist Charice has recently released her video of the track ‘One Day’. The new single has clearly showcased that every person has some talent in them in their own special way.


The singer has also become an inspiration for the young fans, to follow their dreams. The video has been set in a high school, where the singer is seen singing loud, while the students in the school are seen supporting each other to find their passions and inner strengths.

While talking about the video the singer said that the song is actually about adversity and finding the confidence in oneself to achieve your dreams. Moreover, the sings has also become the anthem song for the ‘ACUVUE 1 Day Contest, which encourages the teenagers to pursue their dreams.

Charice said that three of the winners of the contest had featured in the video of ‘One Day’ and that her experience of working with them was great. In the video, the singer can be seen along with the contest winners, Rona, Kevin and Darien. Along with the video the singer has also released a behind the scenes footage, in which the 19 year old can be seen spreading more positive messages. Charice says that being a teenager herself, she can totally connect with them.'
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