Lynrd: Filipino recording artist and actress Charice, recently revealed her new single ‘Louder’. The singer has taken inspiration from the pain of a break up and has made a track that would be like a feel good song for the one with a broken heart.


Before the chorus the Charice sings, ‘I Don’t need no shoulder. Im gonna be a soldier.’ The chorus says, ‘Im just gonna run through the rain. I’m just gonna dance through the pain. I Just Wanna feel that rhythm, feel that drum. Let my heart beat louder. Let my heart speak louder than my head.’

The singer in the song has aimed to repair the hearts of those, who are going through an ugly break up. Music has the ability to heal wounds that have hurt the hearts.

Charice in the song has motivated all the people with broken hearts and has appealed to keep going no matter what. The singer has termed the sing as the ‘feel good’ anthem. There is a lot of positivity in the track and has also encouraged the other teen pop stars with a positive attitude. The track ‘Louder’ and an additional track ‘Lost The Best Thing’ are now available for download on iTunes.'
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