Check Out New Kid On The Block – Tommy Genesis

The rap game seems to be picking up steam, with stars fighting to stay at the top and dropping track after track. The genre mostly has male rappers dominating the scene – from Kanye West to Eminem and all the other kids on the scene.

However, there seems to be a new kid on the block – Tommy Genesis, a woman who looks like she is going to be the next hit-maker after Nicki Minaj. The underground sensation was just signed on by none other than Awful Records, after they spotted her talent and growing fan base.

So, who is Tommy? Well, she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page nor an official website as yet, but people already know who she is. One of the main things she is known for is her brazen attitude and affinity for pot-smoking.

In an interview with Dazed Magazine, she said: “Notions of discontentment drove me to rap. Oppositional culture identified my non-identity. Listen to these tracks to stay woke. We live in a delayed movement; it’s only new before it’s discovered.” Check out the entire interview she did with Dazed, including providing her most favorite tracks she likes listening to while rolling a blunt.

Her first official release, Shepherd brings to light the kind of brazen person she is, in accordance with how the rap is built, basically. Lyrics that go like: “I’m the shepherd of my flock fuck the rest / that’s my whole team watch me fuck the rest” sounds somewhat like Roman Holiday queen Nicki Minaj.

Though Tommy Genesis hasn’t yet made it to the charts, she is definitely creating waves. Her ballsy attitude, combined with a strong determination to stay herself in this tough game will see her going places in the near future. Now that she is an official signed artist, others in the genre will probably take notice. We are looking for a collaboration soon with a big name in the industry. If all goes well and she doesn’t go under, a la Iggy Azalea, then the only apparent way is straight on to the top of the charts. Here’s wishing her the best.

Listen to Tommy Genesis’ track Shepherd:

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