American singer, actress and Academy Award winner Cher is getting ready to release her new album, titled ‘Closer to the Truth’, on September 24, 2013. The eagerly-anticipated album marks the star’s comeback to the music scene, as her last record ‘Living Proof’, which hit No. 9 spot on Billboard 200 chart, was released 11 years ago, in 2002.


The superstar debuted her brand new song ‘Woman’s World’ on the popular American singing competition ‘The Voice’ on June 18, 2013 and took some time to talk about her upcoming record and the evolution of her music. Cher’s first single ‘Woman’s World’, which is announcing the new album, was produced and co-written by producer-to-the-stars Paul Oakenfold.

The ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ singer said that Pink gave her a wonderful song for the album and her longtime collaborator Mark Taylor, who worked with the star on her ‘Believe’ album, came up with four amazing songs. Cher described the upcoming record as ‘eclectic’ and mentioned it will feature good songs.

While talking about her work on ‘Closer to the Truth’, the ‘Strong Enough’ singer said, “I did a couple things on this album, ventured into places that I haven’t gone and I really enjoyed that. I took some chances on this album and when it turned out to be good, I was pleased.”

When it comes to a potential tour, despite the fact that the star did a couple of legs of ‘Farewell Tour’ in the past, she says that they are still talking about it, without going into any details.

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