Lynrd: American R&B singer Chris Brown, recently released a new video, ‘She Aint You’. The singer has announced that he dedicates the video to the king of pop Micheal Jackson. Brown said that Jackson is the biggest inspiration of his life.


The single ‘She Aint You’ is for Brown’s latest album F.A.M.E. Before the video begins the singer notes down on a slate stating, ‘I Love You R I P Michael Jackson’.

The track includes a piece of Jackson’s ‘Human Nature’ in the video, and this is how, Brown has paid the tribute to the king of pop by presenting the song in his style and also including a choreography similar to Jackson’s.

Brown in the track compares his girlfriend to his ex and sings,’ Everyday that I am with her, all I want is you. I wanna leave but I am afraid that you don’t feel the same. And now I realize that she aint you.’ Earlier the singer has also been compared to Michael Jackson. This is not the first time when the R&B singer had paid tribute to MJ. The singer had performed last year at the 2010 BET Awards, while he paid tribute to Michael Jackson. The latest track is a part of Brown’s upcoming studio album.'
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