Chris Brown has been known more for his scandals than his music of late, but the rapper is trying to turn over a new leaf and uncover some new material on his latest release ‘X’. Brown is currently in a studio in Burbank and says that he is trying to be honest on his new record.

Chris Brown X

The ‘Fortune’ singer seems like he is wearing his heart on his sleeve on the new album and says that the disc could be out in summer. On the title track lyrics such as “You can start a fight, I ain’t fighting back, I swear to God I’m moving on” waft through the speakers. While the songs play, Brown sits silently and listens as he plays with the console.

The rapper has had a troubled past with felony convictions in 2009 due to an assault charge on his girlfriend Rihanna. The couple broke up, but are now back again. He also was involved in some spats with Frank Ocean and Drake. Chris has been making a serious effort to change his ways and learn from his mistakes; this is evident on the new record as well.

The new record may not be a an effort to win over his haters, but critics may stand up and take notice of the change of approach the rapper has taken with ‘X’.'
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