Ciara Is Making A Big Comeback With New Music And A Baby!

One of the OG hip-hop women of our time, Ciara was once killin’ it on the dance floor. In fact, she was one of the most successful women artists of her time, making her debut album, Goodies reach number one on the charts. The 2000s saw her more in the news for her personal life than actual professional career. Her surprise pregnancy with then-boyfriend, rapper Future and their public split and mud-slinging for years after that, nearly put her career in jeopardy. But all that seems to have changed.

Ciara is now a gorgeous woman, married to NFL star Russell Wilson. Their relationship is a unique one in Hollywood, with both maintaining celibacy until they said, “I do”. Her son, Future Jr. is now a naughty little two-year-old, and the 1,2 Step singer has more good news: she’s expecting her second child and first baby together with husband, Russell. She is also looking to make a major comeback with new music in 2017.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, CiCi, as she is fondly called by loved ones and fans has only good words for her husband, who has apparently made her a more confident, happy woman. “If someone’s not supporting you and your vision and your dreams – whether it’s your relationship partner, your friend, whomever, then you’ve got to make sure to keep it moving. If people aren’t lifting you up, even if you’re the strongest person in the world, eventually it does chip away at you. You don’t even realize that you’re losing yourself. And that’s the scariest place to be in life…I don’t want to lose myself. I love myself too much. I love life too much.”


Ciara and Russell Wilson

Ciara and Russell Wilson Helga Esteb /


Being one of the top women in the industry that has changed, and given way to new acts like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and the rest, where does that leave her? Does that make her feel insecure? Ciara is about lifting other people up, not trying to step on them to get her way. She is part of an organization called I Am That Girl, that helps promote self-love among young girls and women alike. “There’s this unspoken word: love. When you meet successful, powerful women, you show each other love, because it is a tough environment.”

And now one can miss that ample belly, with her soon-to-be born child is slowly growing inside. Truly for Ciara, this is the most joyous time in her life. A new beginning, a rebirth, if you will. “I want to make the world dance. I’m just super excited about this time in my life. Like, oh my gosh, I can see my son running around, and soon it’s going to be two of these creatures running around! Our hands will be full of non-stop action.”


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