Coachella 2017 To Be Live-Streamed On YouTube

For those who couldn’t afford the exorbitant tickets to one of the biggest annual cultural and music festivals in the United States, there’s good news for you. Coachella 2017 will be live streaming on YouTube! So, no need to get salty anymore about how you couldn’t make it, because you definitely got a better seat for this one – your beloved couch.

The line up for Coachella 2017 is looking good. Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead will be headliners. Lady Gaga has taken over from Beyoncé this year, so it’s still a win-win. And there are other major acts covering the event, including Lorde, The xx, Bon Iver and Future, to name-drop a few. This is the seventh time in a row that YouTube is playing online host for the California desert festival. You can watch each of the stages live on three different YouTube streaming channels specially set up for the festival.

Yuma, the exclusive dance tent will also have a system that announces when each artist goes live. Those who get to party in the tent can chill until a favorite act comes on and then head to that particular section of the festival. The whole live streaming set up is being sponsored by T Mobil.

Coachella 2017 has been the highlight of music festivals for the year, and went into hype when Beyoncé was enlisted as one of the highlights of the two-weekend festival. This would be only the second time, since Björk, that a woman single act headlined the festival. However, Beyoncé had to drop out at the last minute, thanks to doctor’s orders, after she fell pregnant with twins. After tons of speculation, Lady Gaga was announced as the one to replace her. However, Bey has promised that she will be making it next year, so patrons are already excited for 2018.

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