Coachella And Bonnaroo Organizers Planning Music Festival Mash-Up

Millennials are getting really picky. Instead of going to one concert at a time, music festivals have allowed aficionados the liberty of attending one event and seeing a number of their favorite artists take the stage. But this year’s festival lineup is getting kind of predictive. For one, Beyoncé will be doing Coachella. And what if you want to feel the vibe of different music festivals but don’t have the money or the means to do so? Well, there’s a solution, my music-loving friend.

Two organizers from two of the biggest music and culture festivals in the United States – AEG who owns Coachella and Superfly that owns Bonnaroo – are coming together to create one massive hullabaloo in the form of a festival mash-up. The event is going to be able to hold between 30,000-60,000 people at a time, and is going to take place in Denver, Colorado. It will have a Coachella vibe to it, where music, culture and art come together for one delectable weekend.

AEG Live Rocky Mountains CEO Chuck Morris has said that this plan has been in force since 2010, when AEG’s Mile High Music Festival shut down for good in that year. They’re planning to hold this music festival mash-up at Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course, though things haven’t been finalized yet. That’s because local community members are a little apprehensive about having thousands of festival goers in their area, but the organizers are trying to get them on their side. AEG said, “We will not do this festival here if the community doesn’t want it.”

Come what may, they want to have the festival in Denver’s vicinity if possible, because they want to attract millennials who are willing to spend some cash to have a good time. Morris said, “The investment of festivals is an absolute bloody fortune, and we’ve just got to be sure.”

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