Coldplay Release Colorful New Video Featuring Beyoncé

Coldplay just dropped a new video in time for the weekend for “Hymn For The Weekend” that also stars Queen Bey.

The song is the second video from their album A Head Full Of Stars, that was released late last year. The first video from the album was the joyful monkey-dancing animated show called Adventures Of A Lifetime.

Hymn For The Weekend is a colorful treat, having been filmed in the home of Bollywood – Mumbai. The video starts off with the Coldplay frontman sitting in front of a temple. There are images of yogis, Indian gods and local children dancing along. The video itself was shot, celebrating the Indian festival of Holi, where colors are thrown on people.

The video also features our dearly beloved Beyoncé, though her vocals are not as sharp and angelic as they usually sound. Nonetheless, she looks glamorous in the video, garbed in what would appear as a Western take on Indian traditional outfits. Local media has been criticizing the video saying that Queen Bey shouldn’t have been used to depict an Indian actress by the name of “Rani”, but as one can clearly see, it is more of a fairytale costume than a traditional Indian outfit.

The video has been dropped one week before Coldplay set out to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show. There is still no confirmation that Beyoncé will be joining them, however, guest appearances are nothing new and one can only hope that the vocal queen shows up.

Coldplay in the meantime are setting out to create a probable tour, after which they plan to retire. Their latest album has been cited as their last, and they are not looking to go on any further after they are done promoting this album.

Watch the full official video for Hymn For The Weekend here:

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